They might be a bit bright for your bathroom, or distract from cooking as a kitchen backsplash, but there is something downright dazzling about these colorful, computer-printed tiles regardless of what room you do (or do not) want to install them in.

Levitiles has divided their elegant-end designs into three basic types, with both warm- and cool-color variants in each. There is a smooth-surface style that looks layered as a result of the complex print placed on the surface but without the standard frosted effect. Bright iridescent blue, orange, red and create panels can be used to create sleek monochromatic planes or mix-and-match patterns. They are semi-transparent, letting light (and you see) through.

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The latter two tile products are textured alternatives – one resembling precious stones with jewel-like surfaces and the other: decorative accents reminiscent of high-end metals like gold, silver and copper. Warped to the touch, they readily reflect light to brighten spaces and make small bathrooms or kitchens look larger and more luxurious.