skull sugar spoon

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the dangers of consuming sugar. Even moderate consumption can have significant health implications. But since sugar is in everything and there are no warning labels to remind you of sugar’s dangers, design group Hundred Million have come up with a rather macabre way to keep it at the top of your mind.

skull spoon

The Sugar Skull Spoon is a daily reminder to lighten up on the sugar in your tea or coffee. The spoon’s scoop is in the shape of a skull, and after you load it up with sugar some of the grains slip through the eye and nose holes.

sugar skull spoon

The spoon is concave enough to allow a fair amount of sugar to make it to your drink, even after some of the grains fall back into the sugar bowl. Hundred Million took their creation to Kickstarter with a modest goal and raised roughly 16 times their goal. Even for those who aren’t trying to cut down on sugar, the Sugar Skull Spoon is better than a plain, non-skull sugar spoon any day.