Where is it written that rugs have to be either round or square? Why not make them shaped to suit a space – or stand out from it – by virtue of the way they are cut, in regular geometric patterns or abstract formations?


The Edition Silhouette series by Object Carpet plays design games with solid and void, feminine and masculine, arts and crafts and contemporary technology. They are intentionally limited in range but could be the start of a trend that takes on radical new directions.


In some cases, these creative carpets are offset from the shape of a space – walking on them makes one the center of attention, like it or not.


In other cases, they relate to the patterns of what is around them and help define a visual set of elements – such as a rug-and-chair combination.


Whether at the center of attention or on the sidelines, these rugs challenge the ordinarilly passive role of flooring in most interior designs.