Object Carpet Edition Silhouette

Where is it written that rugs have to be either round or square? Why not make them shaped to suit a space – or stand out from it – by virtue of the way they are cut, in regular geometric patterns or abstract formations?

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Object Carpet Edition Silhouette shapes

The Edition Silhouette series by Object Carpet plays design games with solid and void, feminine and masculine, arts and crafts and contemporary technology. They are intentionally limited in range but could be the start of a trend that takes on radical new directions.

Object Carpet Edition Silhouette cutout detail

In some cases, these creative carpets are offset from the shape of a space – walking on them makes one the center of attention, like it or not.

Object Carpet Edition Silhouette cutout oriental

In other cases, they relate to the patterns of what is around them and help define a visual set of elements – such as a rug-and-chair combination.

Object Carpet Edition Silhouette white

Whether at the center of attention or on the sidelines, these rugs challenge the ordinarily passive role of flooring in most interior designs.

Object Carpet Edition Silhouette black round

“The Edition Silhouette presents sensuous extravaganza between contrasting poles. Its passionate dynamics unfold in the contradistinctions of material and the lack thereof, between quotes of traditional arts and crafts and cutting edge technologies, between feminine design vocabulary and a masculine range of colors. The rugs of the Edition Silhouette are not simply passed over. They are an exclusive floor adornment in which the aesthetics of a designed room finds its culmination. Silhouette by Object Carpet is the first of a series of Rug Editions, always in tune with the tempo and styles of contemporary design.”

Object Carpet Edition Silhouette designs

“Orient or Occident? In any case an ornament. The protagonists of the Edition Silhouette demand attention, an emotional commitment, and suitable room. They unite spaces and styles, and they emphasize the clash of them. In front of furnishings such as sideboards or seating arrangements, in hallways, office or waiting areas, the open work-structure is optimally displayed. When several rugs are strategically placed, the repetitive rhythm of the ornamental patterns will link different areas – creating a connective element in shops, lofts, or other large spaces. All rugs are available in Silver or Gold Loop, Black or White Velour.”