cutline furniture alessandro burana

Open or closed – storage furniture is usually a matter of this clean-cut, black-and-white duality. This series explores a gray area that goes deeper than the same-named surface paint color.

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cutline furniture alessandro burana
cutline furniture alessandro burana drawer

Conceptually, it is clear what Italian designer Alessandro Busana is doing at a glance: a theoretical solid is sliced at an angle neither parallel nor perpendicular to the rectilinear shape being intersected, thus revealing some portion of what lies inside.

cutline furniture alessandro burana cabinet
cutline furniture alessandro burana close up

The effect, however, is nuanced – some shelves have resulting full exposure on one or more sides, while others remain semi-hidden in shadow or entirely concealed within the box, providing, on a practical level, a gradient of open and enclosed storage spaces.

cutline furniture alessandro burana storage

SMOOTH PLANE is… passion, SMOOTH PLANE is shavings, SMOOTH PLANE is high quality craftsmanship, SMOOTH PLANE is wood.
A young brand, which was born to give wood a new furnishing identity, and does so through objects characterized by a strong aesthetic personality, rich in new functional contents, always and in any case shaped by skilled hands that make craftsmanship with a capital A the great added value of every single object. In nature, wood is presented through a dress – the bark – which contains the true essence of the material.”

cutline furniture alessandro burana detail

“This is the simple but essential point on which the designer Alessandro Busana and his team the development of the “CUTLINE” project was enough, a line of furniture that brings together the dynamism of a precise action, a clean cut, an explicit gesture designed to reveal what lies beneath, what is inside, a cut that creates functionality in every single object and at the same time gives life to an aesthetic capable of generating emotion. The interior therefore transpires on the outside, manifesting the true essence of wood, an alternation in the perception of the material that identifies a double functional nature, an open area and a hidden one that allows you to differentiate the storage between objects to be exhibited and objects to conceal.”