Raising decorative plants in an apartment presents a number of problems, particularly when you tend to water them by just dumping a glass of water into the pot occasionally. Seungbin Jeong’s unbearably adorable Rainy Pots are meant to help those plants stay alive and well by mimicking nature’s own watering system. The problem with most apartment dwelling gardeners is that they don’t have the appropriate-sized watering implements. Dumping cups full of water onto a small, fragile plant can damage the roots and cause them to decompose.

The Rainy Pots, however, give your little plants the water they need in a gentler way. You pour water into the top of the cloud and it filters slowly through a series of holes to reach the plants. The result is a kind of gentle rain rather than a deluge, protecting delicate roots. The pots are hung on the wall so they take up very little space in an apartment, besides adding a charming cartoonish vibe to the environment. Rainy Pots won an honorable mention in the 2013 Red Dot Design Awards and was a finalist in the 2013 Spark Awards. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when or if these sweet little home accessories will ever be produced for sale.