A seemingly innocuous candle that reveals a somewhat morbid surprise inside, this trick could lie dormant for days, weeks or years until someone lights it up and realizes what lies beneath.

PyroPets, no doubt knowing the internet will love it, is starting with a cute cat version available via their Kickstarter campaign which they are using to turn this one-off trinket into a mass-produced piece of offbeat decor. Morbid, maybe, but undeniably cute in their own strange way, even in skeletal form.

From its creators: “PyroPet is a family of animal shaped candles that each reveal a surprise within as they burn. The first PyroPet product is a cute little cat called “Kisa”. (“Kisa” means “kitty” in Icelandic). Sweet little kittens are transformed in a fire. Crawling from the ashes come forth grinning metallic devils with sharp claws and fire blazing in their eyes.”

Other versions include dogs, unicorns, reindeer, dragons and more. This one is especially fun:

“You’ve found Einar, the mystical Icelandic Unicorn Candle. Legend holds that he has a heart of gold. We can only vouch for the ribs and spine. Best to check for yourself. Unlike real unicorns, unicorn shaped candles only make most of your dreams come true.”

About the designers:

“Its been about 150 years since candles were vital for light. Now their role is more refined. Their combination of warm low light, scent, and slow transformation make them the solution for communicating the mood. Whether it’s intimacy, festivity, enchantment or elegance – candles say it like nothing else can. 54 Celsius strives to enhance the conversation by bringing you candles that are so beautiful and unique that they can easily transition from a supporting role to the star of the show. We both design our own collections and we share the work of some very talented friends by distributing their candles here in the US and UK.”