As any parent knows, living with a toddler can be a simultaneous delight and nightmare. They are squishy and funny and full of life, but they can be frustratingly slow to learn (or just plain stubborn) when it comes to simple hygiene tasks.

TipTapTop handwashing device

Washing hands after using the restroom and before eating is a very important habitĀ for kids to learn, but one that a lot of youngsters don’t pay much attention to. The TipTapTop is a fun bathroom accessory meant to guide your kids through the basics of hand washing in a playful way.

hand washing helper for kids

The 3D-printed exterior of the device looks like a blue drop of water. It attaches quickly and easily to any standard faucet. Inside, a little hydroelectric generator draws energy from the flowing water and stores it in a battery so the TipTapTop requires no external power source.

When your kid walks up to the device, a sensor turns on the water and starts jangling out a happy little tune and a voice with instructions for washing hands. To save water, the flow shuts off while the youngster scrubs his or her hands, then comes back on for rinsing. It automatically shuts off when the washing is done.

handwashing aid for kids

As helpful as the TipTapTop will be for little people, it will drive their parents insane in record time. Lucky families who have a bathroom used exclusively by the kids won’t have much to worry about, but imagine having to hear this happy little spiel every time you go to the bathroom. Regardless, the TipTapTop is adorable and helps conserve water while improving hygiene, so we think it’s a tip-top idea.