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Finally, another seat worthy of Frankenstein. Like the infamous fictional monster, the pieces and parts that make up this chair are none too remarkable – it is their recombination the strikes the eye and captures the imagination.

The Cut & Paste chair by Icelandic furniture designer?Sigurdur Gustafsson looks to be stitched together from a series of plain red, white and black modern chairs, along with an even more conventional-looking wood back and support rail along one side.

To emphasize the shifts, reflective metal plates are used for each joint, slid into gaps carved in opposing parts. In turn, this bridges the gap between elements that would not otherwise line up without impeding the functionality of the seat itself. All in all, the results are quite appealing, though it is hard to say how comfortable it would be to actually sit in one of these.

Sigurdur is known for his Bauhausian Modernist approach, using simple geometric shapes, bold solid colors and the juxtaposition of lines and planes to make a visual point. Like some of his other works, this is a limited-edition piece (100 are being produced in total).