No, really: would you want to design, build and live in an real fantasy tree house all year round? More and more people have decided to do just that and where treehouses were once novelty architecture for kids they are now (almost) mainstream structures, as attested to by the pictures above via Bella Seven.

Many modern tree house designs and home designers and custom builders take a site-specific approach and construct their tree buildings around not only views and rooms but also have to account for access and structural support in unique and novel ways. Some of the results are little auxiliary spaces intended for guests or vacations while others are fully developed tree homes with everything need for daily living.

While a lot of attention is paid to lofty plans by fashionable designers, there are many people who continue to use quite conventional home-building plans, techniques and materials to construct tree homes and cabins that look much like ordinary residences on the ground below. Some such treehouses employ standard-sized building elements such as prefab siding, windows, doors, roofing and structural supports.

However, there will always be a fascination for designers with going above and beyond the ordinary and looking at ways to make treehouse living harken back to our childhood fantasies of residing on tops of trees. So long as there is mystery to the forest and mystique to the sky it is a fair bet that people will remain interested in buying or building their very own tree homes.

And moving into the future, who is to say that tree houses will not continue to be considered for ever-more-urban applications? These heart-of-the-city tree houses were part of an art installation in Madison Square Park. For now, all they are is artwork, but the idea is tantalizing – imagine living right in the heart of the city with better views all around than even the richest of downtown condo owners.