Manufactured mobile homes are rarely made-to-order and, when they are, the options for sale on these standard caravans are often a limited and rigid predetermined set. What if you could buy a trailer home the same way you do a custom house, with an architect to design and detail it around your camping, moving or living needs?

Reflected in the complex geometry of the finished structure, the steps for creating these custom mobile living spaces is designed to be incredibly personalized. Customers are not just buying a product but this process as well, complete with a complex series of detailed questions and an actual team of architects to complete the design using a vast array of modular parts, accessories and awnings available from Merhzeller manufacturers

The end result is a unique and futuristic portable house with niche living, lounging, dining, working and/or sleeping space manufactured to be completely custom and entirely dependent on client needs for their particular motorhomes. With an increased focus on design at the intersection of customization and standardization, this modular camper van concept seems timed perfectly from an architectural standpoint.