Curving Cutlery 1

This unusual swooping cutlery is pleasingly dynamic to the eye, but requires a bit of a learning curve to use. The Shamshir Cutlery set by XYZ adapts the Eastern tradition of curved knives such as the Nepalese khukuri to forks and table knives. The set fits together into a complete circle around a dinner plate.

Curving Cutlery 2

Curving Cutlery 3

The five-piece set is made of real silver and includes two knives, two forks and one squared-off spoon.

Curving Cutlery 4

The set is visually interesting to be sure, making for a striking modern table setting – but would the trouble of actually getting food into your mouth be worth it? It’s probably safe to say that few other utensils could stir as much conversation.