Green Screen House Hideo Kumaki

The facade of a curving modern home in Saitama, Japan gets a pop of color and a shaded outdoor lounge area thanks to a creative green screen stretching from the roof to the grass. This curtain of vines forms a physical and visual connection between the home and the garden outside, lowering the average temperature of the terrace by ten degrees.

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Green Screen House outside before
Green Screen House outside after

Hideo Kamaki Architects employed passive design principles to create a surface that has both aesthetic and practical value. The green screen filters sunlight, providing a cool refuge and helping to lower the home’s utility bills.

Green Screen House curtain of vines
Green Screen House view

Planted with climbing vines that produce pink blooms, the green wall becomes a primary design feature of the home, the slanted lines complementing the structure’s many curves.

Green Screen House kitchen
Green Screen House front

Large glass windows give a direct view of the terrace and green screen from the interior living spaces, and the lines between outdoors and in are blurred.

More about ‘Green Screen House’ from the architect, Hideo Kumaki:

“The green screen which is coved in front of building is very important function to explain for this design. This green screen are for the sun protection against inside room, and for one function of outer dinning which is healed in mind between July and the end of October. I mean that the former is one of thermal comfort adjusting, this is necessary to avoid too much expense for electric energy by Air condition. It is effective and contribute for global environment, somehow.”

Green Screen House diagram

“Actually 10 degrees difference was confirmed in the outside and the inside of green screen. And it is also because it is cooler effect by the planting of nature, and cool wind enters the room. So that, we can stay there coolly by Screen. Then, the latter is to feel comfortable and relax to see green from living and dining. And we can also go to terrace to have lunch or play pool with kids as fantastic extra room. I feel that it was given the reward of nature. We can take such a passive system in more houses and may enjoy contribution to global environment and the space creation with own pleasure.”