Much of the language we humans use goes unspoken – a hand gesture here and a facial expression there. Cute and quaint, this seating series uses recognizable gestures to evoke simple emotions, making us ‘feel’ as if the furniture is somehow abstractly alive.

Jeroen van Laarhoven (images by Isabel Rottiers)?created these conjoined LAT chairs of out simple light wooden members, using their bare look to emphasize the small design choices that make them different. In turn, our minds quickly recognize and humanize the details.

One front leg slides in front of the other, the back rests tilt toward one another and criss-crossing supports wrap across the backs before tilting forward again. Each move is recognizable as ‘simply different’ from what we expect to see.

Monochromatic (or at most: two-tone) painting keeps the trick patterns inherent in the forms at the visual forefront of each anthropomorphic piece. While it is clearly a concept-driven bench set, the lateral braces and crossed legs also provide subtle structural support against torque loads.