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Moving would be so much easier if all of your belongings, from furniture and appliances down to decor and jewelry, were already contained within a single unit that can simply be packed up and shipped to the next location. That might sound like an impossibility, but the Cubitat makes it real. This modular prototype home packs a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, storage and more into a single space-saving unit that can be broken down into sections, transported and re-assembled when needed.
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A collaboration between Italian designer Luca Nichetto and Toronto developer Urban Capital, the Cubitat arrived at Toronto’s 2015 Interior Design Show as a neatly wrapped cube, the plastic stripped away to reveal a geometric arrangement of doors and drawers. Slide open those compartments and you’ll discover virtually everything you need in an apartment.
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The bed pulls out from one side, while all kitchen functions are located on another. The third side contains laundry facilities and clothing storage. Take a few steps up into the interior to access the bathroom. The designers describe it as “architecture as product,” as easily closable as a storage container.
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Built off-site, this all-in-one living cube can simply be hoisted into place if there’s an opening large enough for it. The interior features wood finishes while the outside is a silky-feeling matte laminate. Modular solutions like this could revolutionize urban living, especially for people who move often.