We’ve seen pendant lamps that mimic the serenity of clouds in the form of polystyrene puffs and even an electronic device that mixes liquid nitrogen and hot water to create actual clouds indoors. But a new one dubbed Proplamp is a huggable, crushable hanging lamp that you can custom-shape in any way you like.

proplamp3 proplamp5

Long fascinated with “the beauty of shapes that originate by crumbling paper,” Margje Teeuwen happened to meet fellow designer Erwin Zwiers, who was experimenting with a multifunctional plastic that can be shaped and re-shaped over and over again.



The duo crumpled this biodegradable non-woven material the way you would a giant sheet of paper, working it into a shape resembling a cloud.


You can leave the lamp as the designers created it or play around with it yourself, whether because you want to come up with a shape that’s all your own or because you just want the experience of hugging a cloud.