Creature Cups octopus

Some are friendly and furry, and others look poised to snap you with claws or wrap you with tentacles – from spiders to swans, you never know what you will find at the bottom of these “Creature Cups” coffee (or tea) mugs.

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The exterior of each one is conspicuously identical and unassuming, so for guests come to visit for the first time, the shock will definitely catch them off guard – for those in the know, though, they will still always get a little surprise with their final sips.

Creature Cups Turle

“Each design comes in a color specific to its theme. The Creatures of the SEA have the Wedgewood Blue exterior.  Creatures of the LAND have the Cobalt Blue exterior. The Creepy Cups have the Black exterior. The Limited Editions will vary in an array of colors. “

“The volume measurement does include the creature, which will reduce the volume by 0.5-2oz depending on the creature.  The creatures do not scale with the cup, so the creature in the 11oz is the same size as the 15oz. All 11oz cups are 3.2″ height and 4.1″ diameter, weighing 0.8lbs.  All 15oz cups are 3.5″ height and 4.2″ diameter, weighing 1lb. Creature bowls are 25 oz. with dimensions of 3″ height and 7″ diameter.”

Creature Cups skull

More about the creators, a company called Yumi-Yumi:

Creature Cups® was founded in 2010 by an avid coffee-drinking designer while working late nights in a Brooklyn, NY studio.  We draw inspiration from all parts of life, from the coffee in the morning to the gargoyles on the Notre Dame Cathedral.  Concepts and designs are created in our new studio in Austin, TX.   Creature Cups® draws a wide array of audience, from design kitchen enthusiasts to the cult followers of H.P. Lovecraft.  Join us as we create, staying current, thought provoking, humorous, fun.  And, always caffeinated.