Conventional modern couches seem perfectly designed to do anything – and nothing at the same time. They are wide-open flexible spaces but the ways in which you can actually sit on them are somewhat limited by the universality of design. These couches by Apt 5 Designs have small design moves that make the personal and flexible in new ways.
Part of the couch is raised to provide a supportive and rounded seating area, for sitting and watching a movie or curling up for a nap. The other side of the couch provides a stable surface for books, food and drink one might need for more upright activities like reading a book or jotting down thoughts.
Other couches by Apt 5 Designs are similarly somewhat different from the norm, designed with supports and rests located at rather unusual places. They are also ideal for assembling into modular configurations that you can change over time to suit various interior design layouts and functional needs.

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