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Tin cans are the subjects of many arts & crafts projects, frequently reused as the bodies of little tin robot soldiers or other kitschy knickknacks. This designer has taken the same classic object but added a useful and more minimalist twist – a set of simple plastic lids that make an old tin can able to serve a new function.
tin can recycling
From tea, coffee, sugar and other kitchen storage containers to soap dispensers and pen holders, these designs by Jack Bresnahan bring out the remarkable elegance of what one might previously consider a purely functional form. Not to wax too ecstatic about a simple cylinder, but somehow the silver shine and ribbed sides of the tin cans take on a new luster in the presence of these purposeful white tops.
tin can upcycling

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While there is certainly a green motivation behind these artistic additions there is also an elemental design commentary: everyday objects that are mass-produced on a wide scale can and should be the subject of more extensive design consideration as they are a ripe and ever-growing source of raw materials. This is not merely about sustainable thinking but about economic practicality and material availability.