Before there were computer few people thought in pixels – single, small units laid out in a rigorous grid to comprise a whole composition. These couches and chairs by Cristian Zuzunaga move beyond merely geek fascination with the potential of pixelation to the point of being attractive and engaging furniture designs.



In some cases, he has used pixels and otherwise line-delineated sets of color to create entire spatial experiences revolving around a common theme, such as the art-and-furniture installation shown above – a sequence leading one into a pixel-centric interior space.



In other cases, the rectilinear and abstract form of the objects covered in pixels create a complex compositional foil for the relatively simply (though highly color-varied) pixel sets layered on top.



Within a relatively simple conceptual theme – that of the pixel – Cristian manages to create a highly varied set of furniture designs based on different uses of color, scale and proportion, employing different approaches to the simple forms of couches, chairs and beds.