Work Sofa by Prooff

Some of us work best at a desk, others collaborate in a more comfortable setting like a couch or series of comfortable chairs. Designed with creative collaborators in mind, the Work Sofa from Prooff can be positioned in all kinds of curious ways to create unique new spaces fit for privacy, individual or collective working.

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Work Sofa by Prooff component

While they are designed to slot together like puzzle pieces in particular configurations these couches are by no means limited to the visions of their creator – they allow room to explore new arrangements and alternative layouts.

Work Sofa by Prooff in red

“With its bright colored blocks and unusual composition, the modular WorkSofa is an eye-catcher. The design fosters its primary function as a communal meeting point. Whether it’s a brainstorm or a group work session, an afternoon coffee or an impromptu meeting, designers Studio Makkink & Bey created the WorkSofa with conversations in mind. The WorkSofa can be customized for any space, making it a celebrated focal piece that facilitates dialogue and discussion above all.”

Work Sofa by Prooff in blue
Work Sofa by Prooff interlocking

Even as singular objects these designs are impressive from a compositional standpoint – each constituting a unique piece that would be worthy of having in its own right. Together, however, they form a highly convincing whole that promises to change whenever its users wish it to.

WOrk sofa by Prooff comfort

“At Prooff, we develop innovative products for the public domain and the progressive office. Collaborating closely with designers, (interior) architects and strategists, we devise solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.”

“Our modular and multifunctional furniture concepts champion health and wellbeing, encourage collaboration, and enhance efficiency in the workspace. With our diverse product range, we hope to inspire organizations, architects, consultants and designers to continue to explore the future of work.”