They say you are what you eat, but for self-employed designers the adage could go: you are where you live and work. A living-and-working space is the perfect opportunity for many design professionals to show their stuff – a living portfolio of their design abilities – such as this unique structure designed by and for creatives.
Sculp(IT) is a pair of architects in Belgium who took over an extremely narrow lot – under eight feet wide – between two existing structures and inserted a building that is both radically creative but also contextual. There is an industrial element of stacked cargo container construction to the aesthetic.
Each floor is dedicated to a primary function – working, dining, relaxing and sleeping, respectively – with a bonus roof-top deck with a bathtub and amazing views of the surrounding area. In a tribute to the red-light-district past of the area each floor has a semi-exhibitionist feel with fully glazed fronts as well as colorful lights for at night.