Humor and funerals don’t often appear in the same sentence, but Creative Coffins tries to brighten sad, dark days with its colorful, often whimsical, casket designs. Indeed, some will definitely raise a smile, such as the “Rest in Peas”option (above), the chocolates or the popcorn carton.

Whether you want roses for Grandma or a scenic “Gone Fishing” image for Uncle Jim, there are plenty of options. You can go colorful and classy or bright and silly, depending on the person who will be residing in the casket or the approach of your family. Whatever you choose, you can bet you’ll turn some heads.

What can you get on your Creative Coffin?

“Virtually anything is possible,” say the designers. They can select pictures from a large photo library, but if you want a particular image, they’ll do their best to track it down for you.

They explain:

“Please bear in mind, though, that company and sports club logos and images such as cartoon characters may be subject to copyright and require the relevant permission. Nevertheless, we have found most organizations to be very understanding.”Can’t decide what type of coffin you’d like to custom-order? Fear not—the company has an impressive selection of stock designs you can order, and they are divided into several broad, browsable categories: flags, natural, pastimes, personal and sports.

Every Creative Coffin comes with free personalization, so you can include your relative or friend’s name, date of birth and death, and perhaps an apt saying or a favorite spiritual verse or quote.

The British business started when it found that a sizable number of people wanted to ditch the traditional heavy wooden casket and instead choose an environmentally-friendly coffin with character. They didn’t want just a plain white finish. People were seeking options, a more visible way to commemorate, celebrate and reflect their departed loved ones.

The coffins take advantage of all the latest advances in technology, the designers explain:

“Using cutting-edge engineering and printing techniques enables us to produce a cardboard coffin that has no visible folds, a traditional style rounded lid and a beautiful matte finish.”

Creative Coffins also boasts impressive eco credentials. It sources all its materials locally, which cuts down on transportation costs and fuel, and makes its coffins from 98 percent cardboard and paper, of which 70-percent is recycled (post-consumer waste). And of course, since they are lightweight, they also enjoy transportation savings.

They may be lightweight, but you might be surprised to learn that they are strong enough to carry up to 350 pounds—not too shabby for cardboard and paper!

The construction of the caskets uses only cornstarch glue and environmentally friendly inks, too, compared to the chemical-heavy traditional processing, and the casket handles are fashioned from natural woven cotton. You can also choose biodegradable lining.

While death and funerals are not topics any of us like to think about, Creative Coffins offers a fresh approach that may shake up our notion of sad and somber, all while considering our final impact on the Earth.