What if you could tailor furniture to fit your home just like a bespoke garment fits your body? Not only does customizable modular furniture meet your needs a lot better than a generic one-size-fits-all piece found on store shelves, it also encourages you to keep it longer, ultimately cutting down on waste.

A new series by Italian furniture manufacturer LEMA offers pieces that almost never look exactly the same. Their new “LT40” system, designed by David Quincoces, aims to be versatile in both its aesthetics and functionality. The pieces come in four configurations: freestanding, cupboard, shelving, and “boiserie,” or wall paneling. Each of these elements can also include open “containers” for displaying objects, benches, drawers, cabinets, work surfaces, and more.

That means you can design pieces built to meet the unique requirements of every room in the house. Create a cabinet and shelves for the dining room that fits your collection of dishes and glassware, make a desk with just the right amount of drawers and open shelving in an office or nook of your home, build a custom closet, or place floating nightstands on either end of a section of wall paneling for use as a headboard.

Though the essential shapes and lines of the collection remain firmly in the streamlined contemporary zone no matter which options you choose, you do have a lot of control over the final look. Finishing choices include wood, lacquered surfaces, glass, clay, natural marble, faux marble, and velvet.

The company adds that “these four families, mixed freely together, characterize the architecture together with a series of additional elements which complete the LT40 design: double-faced containers, benches, and elements designed to house multi-media apparatus; shelves and paneling with structural frames in aluminum, adjustable and designed for wall mounting; trays and tops in marble or stone; container boxes in wood or glass, and built-in LED lamp systems.”

“The system is enhanced by the LT_FRAME containers, with a strong graphical and chromatic impact, in six predefined types of configuration. Six cornices in two-dimensional types enclose the “tesserae of a mosaic” made up of color, wood, and transparencies, framed in a perfect equilibrium of rigorous, subtle forms. [They’re] designed for hanging on the wall and supplemented by a discreet LED light which emphasizes the internal perimeter.”

It’s not clear whether you can continue to customize each piece after you’ve chosen and assembled it. Adaptability over the life cycle of a product definitely enhances its sustainability, though, so if you move to a new home, have children, or just plain change your mind, you don’t have to buy something new. In any case, the LT40 system is definitely a stylish way to outfit your home with high-quality furniture that’s made to last.

LEMA is known as one of the greatest contemporary ambassadors of the “Made in Italy” tag. The company released its LT40 modular storage system alongside other new designs at the London Design Festival, and they can also be seen at the company’s showroom on King’s Road in London and in dealers around the world. Check out LEMA’s website to find one near you.