lego covered ikea kitchen table munchausen

IKEA and Lego are two of the most recognizable Scandinavian brands, and bringing them together seems like sheer genius. Parisian designers Simon Pillard and Phillippe Rosetti, known collectively as Munchausen, outfitted their kitchen space with an IKEA table, then spent a week covering it with more than 20,000 Lego bricks.

lego covered ikea kitchen island

The resulting table is a kind of beautiful Frankenstein’s monster of a masterpiece. The blocks are put together in groups of patterns, not really making any overall pictures but creating a stylishly disorganized order.

munchausen lego table


Small pictures can be picked out of the semi-random block arrangements – a little face here, a maybe-tree there. The table is part of a playful, color-filled workspace that exudes fun and creativity. (Photos by Hervé Goluza.)

(via: The Cool Hunter)