home hardware jewelry

A bathtub plug, pull cord for a window shade or simple drywall screw have little in common save for the very fact that they are, in fact, very common household items – and now the strange source of inspiration for a unique set of hardware-based jewelry … jewels in the rough, if you will.

home hardware jewelry 2

Taken out of context, there is a rather elegant simplicity to these objects by Maisie Broadhead.Their shapes and forms go behind just function – from the smooth and shiny tapering necks of screws to the perfectly rounded beaded that form the chain of a tub or sink plug.

home hardare jewelry 3

Set in plastic bags and stripped of their normal domestic associations, these might not be the epitome of high fashion but – if you can suspend your familiarity – they are surprisingly nice and minimal potential personal accessories. And the background of this artist puts it all in perspective: an education that started with art, moved through wood, metal, ceramics and plastics and concluded with goldsmithing, silversmithing, metalwork and jewelery.