sculptured wood furniture detail

An artisan may master a particular approach, but a true craftsman like Peter Rolfe can create objects that look like space-alien furniture in one case … then turn around and build a lotus-inspired storage sculpture that could have been crafted for an ancient emperor somewhere in the orient. At first glance, they look surreal – like the results of a 3D rendering rather than the hard work of one profoundly talented design and craft professional.

sculptured wood furniture storage

He calls his own works ‘sculptural’ – and they clearly constitute a serious departure in design and construction strategies from conventional classics. They are also intended to be seen as clearly man-made works … but ones inspired by natural forms. The above piece has smooth shining spheres that seem abstract and geometric but are strung together on a curving and naturalistic set of stalks.

sculptured wood furniture craft

sculptured wood lotus storage

This fascinating unfolding lotus is impressive in terms of its delicate and complex forms, subtle details and elegant material choices. However, just as amazing are the moving parts – from the fold-down leaves that form its outer shell to the pull-out drawers hidden within.

sculptured wood dresser

Other objects Rolfe has crafted appear to be more traditional and are certainly more immediately recognizable as functional furniture. Even these, though, reflect extremely careful design decisions from the wood types used to make them to the custom curves, beveled edges, contrasting colors and fine-tuned finishing touches.