Australian architecture is amazingly varied, yet its successes often succeed on the merits of their ability to keep materials and spaces simple, green, local and comfortable.

The Drew House by Anthill Construction is a wonderful example of all of these qualities, curled up in a series of prefabricated pods built offsite then shipped to a remote forest for assembly.

The curved interior has a hobbit-worthy homey quality, while consequently-curvalinear built-ins throughout seem both retro and contemporary. It also has a cave-like sense of enclosure.

“Living and sleeping pods along with a bath house were built in Brisbane, close to construction services and transported 500km to the site fully completed. The prefabricated parabolic roofed structure and decks were erected onsite and connect the various pods through a large central outdoor living and dining area. Aramax metal roof sheeting free span the two identical, but reversed, hardwood self-bracing truss frames.”