converted church home living room

How would you like to have vaulted ceilings in every space, at the small cost of having a graveyard instead of a lawn? Amazingly this wonderful old stone church cost the owners less than the renovations needed to transform it into a contemporary luxury home (now worth significantly more than the original price and conversion costs combined).

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With the exception of a few subtle skylights one could pass by this restructured religious building in the English countryside and never realize that it was anything aside from a derelict place of worship.

converted church house

What may be most amazing about this place is just how well the spaces seem adapted to their new uses, a combination of cozy and traditional fixtures and furniture seeming right at home in what was once considered a holy space.

converted modern church home

Like any good home, a church of course comes equipped with all of the essential basics needed by a building – an entryway and halls for welcoming visitors as well as remote and secluded spaces that convert well to bedrooms. The boldest design choice was likely the decision to put the master bed in such a central and open location at the sacred apex of the main volume – stylish or sacrilegious?

converted church home interiors

From The Telegraph:

“Built in Kyloe, Northumberland, in 1792, it was situated on the site of an earlier church that dated back to the 1100s. In 1983, the St Nicolas Church House was deconsecrated and stood derelict for 20 years. That is until Ian Bottomley and Sally Onions discovered it and fell in love with the building. In 2002, they took on this huge conversion project. Take a look at the fantastic result of their hard work.”

“‘We couldn’t find anything that fitted the bill,’ said Sally. ‘Then this turned up. The church had space, a good-sized garden – although mostly full of gravestones – and it was in a lovely situation. When we realized it also had stunning views over the fields to the sea, that was the icing on the cake.'”