modular custom home office
The corner office has long been the symbol of success in the corporate office world – but what if you could possess all four corners right at home? Many people buy a home without realizing their need for office space with a comfortable chair and work desk away from the distractions within their house, all of which are provided by creative office concept. Designed by Stephen Meir to be easy to assemble and energy efficient, this outdoor ‘office shed’ consists of a modular system of parts that can be combined to create all kinds of interior design layouts – all in your yard.
modular diy home office
The use of wedge-shaped sections makes it possible to alternate the pieces so they form a straight line or to double some up to twist and bend the walls of the office into various shapes and forms. This allows the user to create a custom layout that accommodates the best views, places for furniture and personalized workspace configurations – from curved spaces that provide additional privacy and aesthetic interest to rectilinear formats that can be tucked away into corners.
modular office interior design

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This modular system also has small enough structural elements to make it very simple to put together for do-it-yourself types or cheap to hire someone else to assemble for you. Necessary electrical elements are tucked into the wall space and the make-as-you-go nature of the system also makes it possible to continually add new modules to extend your work place. Final finishing touches like a crisp white exterior, wood-paneled interior, green grass roofs and user-selected furniture add a bit of color, comfort and further customization to this otherwise minimalist functional design idea.