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It can be tempting to renovate your home using all the current color trends, but what happens a few years down the road when you’re stuck with a brand new, but seriously dated, kitchen or bathroom? Well, when it comes to walls and cabinetry, a simple paint job every few years will do the trick. However, switching out countertops every time a new trend comes in can get pricey, to say the least.

As an architect or designer, or even a homeowner, it can be frustrating to get stuck with neutral slabs of stone or laminate in order to keep a space from looking dated or worn a few years down the line. DuPont™ is totally changing the design game, so you won’t have to worry about worn out, tacky styles after a few years with their new Corian® and Zodiaq® collections.

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Corian solid surfaces and Zodiaq quartz surfaces were created with the idea that colors need to be on-trend, but never trendy. So, to make sure that these materials would stand the test of time in terms of performance and style, DuPont went global with research and inspiration.  Yes, it’s true that design preferences differ between countries. But, there is a lot more crossover than people often realize. By acknowledging this crossover and drawing inspiration from it, the Corian and Zodiaq materials are some of the most attractive on the market.

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To transcend global and cultural boundaries, DuPont chose colors that are generally considered the most pleasing for people worldwide.

“You can’t go wrong with whites and grays when used in large scales. Brighter color is still used for accent and ‘pop,’ but I think grays and beiges will continue to have broad appeal.  Their neutrality is always good to pair with brighter items,” said Katie Congress,  North America Marketing Manager for Corian and Zodiaq.

“The key additions in color are those that resemble nature. After neutral hues, the next color groupings that apply globally are those things everyone enjoys: the water, the sun, and the earth. It is why blues, softened yellows and gold, and greens are always positive color choices. They inspire joy in people.”

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The Zodiaq quartz surfaces aren’t unique to DuPont, as other companies have taken to engineering countertops with pure quartz crystals. What is unique about the Zodiaq collection is the vivid colored dyes that have been mixed in with these crystals. The color choice and the material create a radiant surface that will add a touch of glamour to any space.  The sparkle of the crystals will play off natural light perfectly to give off a visually stunning and unique look. (Bonus! This surface is strong, long-lasting, resistant to heat and scratches, and GREENGUARD Certified as a low-emitting material.)

The Corian solid surfaces are a unique to DuPont.  Made of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer, this material is highly resistant to stains and heat (remaining undamaged under temperatures of up to 212 F). The Corian solid surfaces can be custom cut and thermoformed to incorporate curves for a more creative, modern design that is easily duplicated for consistency among multiple locations.

deep slate gray

Oh, and of course we have to mention the coolest feature: The Corian Charging Surface. This gives architects and designers the ability to incorporate smart features into the design, whether you’re dreaming up your own local coffee shop or dream home kitchen. This technology allows for a full-service and totally wireless charging area.

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The Corian solid surfaces and Zodiaq quartz surfaces come in 16 new color and pattern options, which have been designed to work well as complements to one another. The Design Horizon Trend Guide shows how these colors would work with sample palettes and explains the mood that they set in a space.

“Some colors make us feel more relaxed and happy, whereas other colors automatically cause tension,” Congress said. “While there are some colors that have been shown to consistently inspire happiness, or relaxation, a lot of this is also based on personal choice.”

From the crisp, contemporary feel of the White Collection, to the deep, vivid Blue Collection, these materials showcase high style, depth, and bold beauty. The Gray Collection is modern but calming, while the Earth Tone Collection of greens and browns adds a touch of warmth to a contemporary space. These modern, but timeless, colors were developed using DuPont’s patented DeepColor technology, allowing these styles to have fresh and exciting patterns, allowing them to stand out in the marketplace.

“Depending on the purpose of the room you are designing for, think about what moods you want the colors to instill,” Congress said. “Colors that are more casual and relaxing are also good to use in personal spaces, such as offices or bedrooms. It is important to mention that though people’s reactions to color have some similarities, their individual needs may be different. Someone who needs to be stimulated may choose a brighter hue for a home office, another may need soft, calming hues. It’s why we try to offer a range, even in white!”

The DeepColor technology and matte finish used for the lighter Corian colors work together to minimize the appearance of scratches and scuffs over the years. Of course, the DeepColor technology also enhances the depth and radiance of the color in both Corian and Zodiaq surfaces.

bar with zodiaq countertop

Of course, before you choose your color, you should give it a high amount of thought.

“Think about how the lighting is in the room. If you have lots of natural light, you would choose a different color than if you need to rely on artificial lighting. Also, bear in mind your source of lighting, CFL, LED, incandescent, all emit different types of light. Learn to look at the Lumen output for brightness,” said Katie Congress.

“Think about what colors in the room are easy to change vs. hard to change. If you are choosing a pillow, you have much more flexibility than if you are choosing an item that will remain in the space for a long time, like a kitchen countertop. Think about how the color will wear over the long term- especially when picking color for an item that will be there for a long time. If a color seems trendy today, do you think you will still like it in six months, or three years? And of course, after considering all of the above options, choose a color and pattern you love. Being safe may make you comfortable, but it won’t, necessarily, bring you joy. Always think about your happiness when choosing colors for your home.”

hotel lobby

While these materials look great in residential kitchens and bathrooms as countertops and backsplashes, they are also ideal choices for designing a bar or hotel in order to showcase style with a surface that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. And clean freaks or those in industries needing highly sanitized surfaces can rejoice as well; neither surface supports microbial growth, making them both optimal for healthcare spaces or food preparation areas, as they are non-toxic and non-allergenic.

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Extensive market research was performed in order to ensure that these colors and styles aren’t just trendy now, but will remain on trend for years to come.

“Grays continue to be popular, and I think will remain popular for the next few years,” Congress said. “Gray is a good neutral shade that is easy to pair with other colors. We are also seeing a trend towards dark blues, veering toward black. In patterning, there is the movement towards linearity, and parallel veining, with distinct lines and veins. Textured surfaces are also becoming more popular.”

So, no matter how you choose to incorporate your solid or quartz surface, it will be ahead of the style curve and be highly durable.