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Cute, conceptual, but definitely not comfortable, this actual-world version of familiar 3D wireframe shapes might be one of those ideas best left on the drawing board. Still, since someone went to the trouble of building it, someone else might as well sit in it!

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Wire kubus chair icon series

While their literalism may seem cliche, there is something unique about being able to walk around and view such objects in the real world – seeing each point at which a new curve or angle necessitates the sectioning off of a piece or part.

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Wire chair icons series black

Designed by Jan Plechac, they’re known as the “Icons” series.

“The Icons stand somewhere between interior or exterior furniture. They bring the old iconic forms back to life putting them into new context. The final form of the objects, thanks to its delicate hand-soldered structure from steel poles, floats in space like a thought between the fantasy and the reality. Although the structure seems very fragile it is absolutely functional and surprisingly durable even for installing the furniture in public places. As a result people can enjoy the Beauty of Solitaire not only at home but also outside, for example in gardens.”

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The ‘fluffy’ red chair is necessarily made up of many distinct arcs, rounded to create an amorphous whole, while a more baroque chair jumps between straight lines and bulging accents.

Regarding the Wire S Chair, the designer says, “I thought about the Panton chair during my thesis work a lot, but the problem was that this particular object was conceptually different from the other objects in the Icon
series, where I underscored their basic attributes tracing the main lines. With the S chair the opposite is the case. I tried to reiterate the plane which visually suspends the original form .The elegant curve of the famous original piece is thus confronted with a dynamically transformed structure full of unexpected change. Even though this chair is appropriate for outdoor use, it retains its sculptural element, as is the case with the design by Verner Panton.”

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Wire chair Icon Series Louis

No worries, though – you won’t find these at the local furnishing shop. They were created by award-winning designer Jan Plech as part of the seasonal fair featured in Milan.