Aladino Up Bed by ALF

Sleeping on an actual cloud might not be possible, but fun new modern beds almost give you the same experience thanks to designs that look lighter than air – like this gravity-defying Italian bed that seems to be floating in space. Of course, all is not quite as it appears, despite the fact that there are really no supports at all beneath the platform.

Suspended from the side wall and bolstered by hidden supports, the floating bed concept is elegantly simple and the optical illusion is dizzying but compelling, particularly set against the minimalist  white headboard flush to the wall behind the main hanging frame of the bed itself.

Hovering bed design

This hover bed by Alf Group, known as the Aladino Up, converges seamlessly with the surrounding shelving and storage spaces, themselves part of a larger elegant headboard system that provides stability to the bed where it meets the wall. The streamlined system provides a nice sense of visual continuity.

More than a mere aesthetic trick, this futuristic designer bed-and-headboard set is actually quite functional and relatively minimalist. Only the essential edges and lines to make everything work well as part of the whole bed, and each element reinforces the floating horizontals that are the centerpiece of the design concept.

Modern floating bed

“The Aladino Bed collection creates a seductive and airy environment for any bedroom. The combination of essential and aesthetic elements allows for a versatile bed designed for your particular visual preference. Under-bed storage and nightstand option available upon request. Lighting options also available upon request. This bed is available in American Queen and American King sizes.”

“Since the beginning of the 1960s, alf has been expanding thanks to the success of its skill in the design and manufacture of bedroom furniture. as the market evolved over the years, alf’s farsightedness in meeting customers’ requirements quickly allowed the company to expand its production. Today the group has further increased its market share thanks to specialization in living area furniture, expertise in offering cutting-edge service, and guarantee of timely manufacture and delivery of its products.”