Like LEGOs come to life, it was only a matter of time until somehow thought (literally) big about how to apply similar principles at the scale of real people – modular pieces to make furniture for actual human use.

The result? A fantastic set of custom building-block modules for space-saving furniture that you can transform at will made from a combination of soft, hard, transparent and opaque parts that can be reused essentially forever.

To be fair: these are colorful, creative and interactive … though anything but cheap. Fortunately, it does not seem to take many to build something – from custom chairs and coffee tables to couches, benches and other larger-scale seating.

But is it comfortable? They come in different types, including a ‘glass’ version that is see-through, a ‘soft’ module that is cushioned for the tops of seats, a ‘steel’ unit that is cast in metal and a ‘kids’ block that is light, safe and easy to manipulate.

For now, the aesthetic of these Luna blocks very directly draws on class LEGO sets – but in the future perhaps someone will develop a similar system with a series of parts to make the furniture not only functional but also a bit more aesthetically original.