From camouflage pixel-homes to rainbow-colored houses, a leopard-printed abode to a dalmatian-spotted dwelling, here are some of the most creative, innovative and unusual house-painting colors and ideas you have ever seen. Some of these are professionally painted – others are works of daring do-it-yourself art a conventional house painter would not touch with a ten foot extendable painting pole. (via Oddee)

Taste the Rainbow of 32 Flavors (and Then Some): Spanning the entire color spectrum from red, orange and yellow through green, blue and violet, this incredible exterior paint job blends seamlessly from top to bottom – each horizontal slat is covered with one of 30+ colors that combine to create the overall effect. The actual application is not that difficult and requires only basic rollers since each piece is isolated from the others – clever and simple.

Warning, Wet Paint(ed Patterns): These artistic painted patterns may perplex and overwhelm as much as they inspire you. One artist (who resides in a former public restroom building) decided to paint the outside of his home in standard-patterned plaid. Another home owner went with black and white spots as a tribute to a movie about, well, you can guess. As a surprise, one couple returned home from a honeymoon to find their townhouse exterior turned into a gaudy leopard print – this paint job was not chosen but, instead, courtesy of their friends. The last image depicts a more abstract pattern also layered on a typical townhome.

Black & White but Definitely Not Boring: As the opposite end of the spectrum (so to speak) from such an extremely colorful abode, the sides of this home were painted in wonderful black-and-white patterns that blend tone-wise with the surrounding buildings. However, the subject matter of the scene – a stormy and ocean-swept landscape – makes it stand out nonetheless.

Blending Camouflage, Color & Context: Without a peak at the surroundings this modest one-story house looks rather strange, covered in a pixel-pattern of various shades of green. However, by color-matching the greens to the surrounding natural environment, the painter blends the building in with what is around it – a sort of surreal fusion of both abstract art and survivalist functionality.

Local Colors & Regional Textures: Some houses and homes are painted in what looks like crazy colors and unique patterns to the outside viewer, but that in fact trace their roots to cultural traditions and styles. These inspirational examples from Mexico, Slovenia and Sydney, Australia show just how outstanding such extremes can look in (and out of) context.