kitchen a la carte modules

A place for everything and everything in its place – at least within each of these mobile mini-islands on wheels, that is. The portable kitchenette units themselves, well, they can be configuring in any number of creative ways and to suit any cooking style.

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kitchen a la carte modules stadtnomaden

At their intersections, slot-specific shelves can be set per the name – A La Carte – for additional storage, preperation or decoration space – suited to hold anything from food scraps to fruit or even potted plants.

There is nothing new about modular kitchen design, but the combined flexibility and custom functionality of each part of this series is uniquely clever. The individual elements serve a standard purpose, but how they relate to one another is up to the person who plans their positions.

kitchen a la carte modules oven

Here’s more info on the Kitchen A La Carte II by German manufacturer Stadtnomaden:

“High efficiency for limited space: The function modules cover all basic requirements- rinsing, cooking, baking, cooling, storing and disposing. Many repository- sets for the active zone between the worktops ensure effective operations in the kitchen. In a stylish way the A la carte II system breaks down the conventional kitchen structure into individual task modules.”

kitchen a la carte modules dishwasher
kitchen a la carte modules drawers

“In multiple combinations an individual kitchen can be composed to match personal needs and given space. Convertible (wall related | free-standing | room partition) and updatable at any time. Also convincing is the smart construction that provides adequate space for installation and cable runs. A strong magnet joins the modules one to another, creating the active zone. A variety of smart and functional elements can be used between the defined work stations.”

kitchen a la carte modules details

Standard Performance:  4  drawers
Material: Beech
Colour: high pressure laminate, white (shock strength, scratch an abrasion resistant)
MeasurementsModule H 95 (+2) x W 74 x D 60 cm
Manufacture: shaped plywood
Focus Open Silber, Focus Open Special Mention, Bundespreis Nominee, Leseraward
Made in: Germany | Switzerland
Design: Oliver & Linda Krapf”