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Most materials designed to fake the appearance of something else are at best imitations or at worst, kitsch. However, in a world where wood is becoming a less sustainable material for designers to use perhaps it is time to give good-looking imitation woods another look.

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Mirage faux wood tiles water resistant
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Coming in a variety of convincing colors and textures, some of these ceramic tiles by Mirage mimic the appearance of end-cuts and others appear to be side-cuts, showing off the grain of the faux wood in various ways. They look variously weathered or stained, flat or three-dimensional.

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Of course, they are also stronger, more durable and longer-lasting than actual wood. They are not subject to the same forms of weathering and risks of water infiltration. All in all, they might not be real but these tiles might be a good exception to the accept-no-substitutes design rule of thumb.

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mirage faux wood decking

The Italian manufacturer specializes in ceramic tiles that mimic the look of wood, in all sorts of textures and colors, designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Images showing these tiles lining the walls of a shower, for instance, show off just how cool they are: you get the realistic wood look without the rot.

They’re pretty convincing, too. Even up close, you can hardly tell that they aren’t real wood. They’re available in styles ranging from the rustic reclaimed look to a sleek contemporary effect. The Drakkar collection, pictured below, is particularly cool.

Mirage faux wood tiles in shower
Mirage faux wood tiles Drakkar

“In the bathroom, we have many variables to consider: the room is particularly damp, and rather aggressive detergents are used for cleaning.
A delicate, yet highly evocative surface like wood meets a new expressive language in porcelain stoneware: today’s wood-look tiles are long-lasting, water-resistant, and the perfect bathroom flooring option.”

“The ‘rough,’ lived-in texture of new Drakkar Collection by Mirage reproduces an imperfect surface that combines nature with the passing of time, to create a truly authentic balance. The Collection is made up of various types of wood planks, each with their own history, past and, above all, personal aesthetic qualities.”