convertible couch bunk beds

So you want to get some more mileage out of your sofa or desk? Ranging from creative to kitsch, funky to functional, here are some transforming furniture designs that save space and add some interactivity to your ordinary single-function interior furniture.

convertible funky sofa desk

For those of us without the budget to buy enough space for a full guest bedroom it is handy to be able to turn our office into a sleeping space when people come to visit. These transforming table-to-bed designs by BonBon are nice easy-to-move two-in-one furniture objects.

convertible couch desk bed

A variation on the desk/bed combination, these sliding units make it possible to have a bit more storage space and to hide your fold-up bed a bit better – the moving shelf area goes under the desk at night when the bed folds down and shifts in front of the bed when it is folded up.

convertible transforming bed furniture

Perhaps the best known BonBon creation is Doc, the comfy couch that flips up into a pair of bunk beds complete with a ladder, guard rail and pleasantly enclosed lower level that doubles as a sofa or a second bed.