If you ever dream about giving up your mortgage, utilities, property taxes and fixed location in favor of a carefree life on the road, seeing truck conversion projects like this one might just prompt you to take action. The phenomenon of converting trucks into highly customized mobile living spaces flourished in the 1970s and lives on today, with designs that are often surprisingly spacious, stylish and filled with modern amenities.

Israeli animator Joseph Tayyar got his own inspiration from a TV program about homes on wheels, and decided to use his experience in carpentry and interior design to create one of his own. He spent years planning the details to ensure that everything fit together just right, and selecting high-quality materials.

Tayyar outfitted the interior with lots of warm wood surfaces including paneling, glorying and built-in furniture like the platform bed, dining nook and couch with hidden storage. Other than its narrow profile, it’s hard to even tell the difference between the inside of this mobile home and those of many more conventional small living spaces.

The truck has its own kitchen and bathroom, and gets its power from an array of rooftop solar panels. The whole thing ran the owner about $225,000 USD, but it’s not unusual to see creative and resourceful DIY mobile home builders come up with something similar for as little as $20,000.

More info via Decoist:

“The 11.5-meter long truck provides surprisingly spacious interiors and with all the individual elements being designed to perfection, the truck house never feels any different from a regular residence. Tayyar dreams of many more such mobile homes coming together to form a vast community of ‘village on wheels’ where denizens can break away from monotony. Avoiding the hustle and bustle of big cities along with an escape from air pollution, property tax and the electricity companies are some of the many major perks of this dynamic lifestyle.”