Molly Hatch porcelain plates museum art

Typically, tableware is self-contained in terms of its design, either uniform across a set or at least forming a complimentary series set around the table. These hand-painted porcelain plates, on the other hand, are all parts of a larger puzzle, and could spark quite the discussing during either eating or cleanup at a large meal.

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Molly Hatch porcelain plates hand painted

Ceramist Molly Hatch uses historical images from major museums as the basis for her pieces, so a savvy art historian might notice something familiar in each part of the whole. Note that though she displays these in museums as well, they might be even more interesting at the dining table.

Molly Hatch Recite porcelain plates assemblage
Molly Hatch porcelain plates deconstructed lace

Hatch also creates gorgeous installation art using her hand-painted plates. The more individual pieces she puts together on the wall, the more impressive the display. 


Other beautiful collections from Hatch include “Heritage,” in which beautiful traditional motifs are reimagined through the artist’s personal lens and style.

“Inspired by the look of the historic teacups of 18th century European factories, Molly chose to decorate as many surfaces as possible in this china collection.  Peek at the backs of plates and bases of cups: All have been decorated with as lightly embossed texture as if engraved.”

Molly Hatch plate art installation

About Molly Hatch

“Modern heirlooms with everyday charm. Molly Hatch creates tableware, home goods, stationery, and gifts designed to make the familiar new again. Somewhere between whimsical and traditional is where we feel right at home.”

“Artist, designer, and ceramicist Molly Hatch began her career as a studio potter, infusing her tableware and home decor items with contemporary sensibilities and classical charm. The daughter of a painter and an organic dairy farmer, she draws from the beauty of everyday objects by imagining where each will live. A cake stand may become a marker of birthdays and celebrations. A weekend tote may see countless trips to the farmers market. Their repeated use creates a story to be treasured for generations.”