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In awkward social situations it helps to have a topic to talk about, and great if you can hold it right in your hand as you roam the party. With the marbles in this three-piece glass set, you almost cannot lose.

The Whiskey Glass turns drinking into something of a game, letting you toast one minute while distracting yourself on the side the next … glassware that also lets you test, perhaps, your own level of intoxication.

The Wine Glass has a marble that spins as you swirl your favorite red or white vintage, adding some secondary commotion to this common action.

The Champagne Glass is a great for nervous hands at large-scale events, letting you tap the marble from below but keeping you from generating too much noise or trouble with your drink.

The three-piece above Losing Your Marbles set by Charlotte Moneypenny trade function for playful interaction – by contrast, this last (final image – separate series) Stir It Up gin glass by Ronen Bauer adds a pragmatic consideration: a ball that doubles as a built-in stirring object.