Like using plastic to join two pieces of carved wood furniture, there is no doubt that this design stands out from its neighbors – all the more so for physically bumping up against both. The only question is: does the contrast of this new house by Amenity Space make for a creative new condition or does it conflict too much with the historic properties on either side?

Black surfaces and orange paneling look as different as can be from the decorative white molding and faded red brick of both of the adjacent townhouses – the only nod to their existence (though a strong one) is the matching of facade heights and depths along the front of the new residence.

Straight lines, flat white walls and bursts of contemporary color ensure that the interior is as modern as the exterior suggests it would be.

The query, however, remains: does this new unit make for a dynamic contrast with the old traditional townhomes … or is the statement so bold that it washes out the classic elegance of what came before it?