This lounger rocks – and the associated sofas are not too shabby either. There is nothing unique about the way most of these work, save the rocking lounge chair that is, but as high-modern eye candy there are worse ways to occupy your oculus.

Shaped in a similar style and fashion, Antidiva has a couch and chair set that would round out the collection nicely – all share the same visual effect of pieces being bent away from a solid form to create seats while leaving elements to form the arm rests.

Aesthetic more than avante garde, their pieces in general nonetheless solid examples of luxury Italian home furniture design – whether they would be as comfortable to sit in as they are cool to see out of context is another question.

Other sets and series come in a variety of colors and types, from bright, bold and symmetrical sofas to seductive, relaxed and dynamic sleepers, but, while comfortable and contemporary, none share quite the same creative spark as the rocker.