simple modern kitchen
For some people, a kitchen is a place for colorful decoration – a messy gathering space that will never quite be clean. For others, keeping order is of utmost importance, making simple contemporary kitchen cabinets, smooth steel surfaces and black-and-white walls the ultimate for a pure and peaceful cooking experience.
simple modern black white kitchen
From the solid block-lock island and sold rectangular furniture to flush lighting and appliances, this modern kitchen is about is as minimal as design gets. Though photos of course always show these spaces at their cleanest, this seems like the kind of place you can only picture someone living in who was naturally as organized as this interior.
simple modern kitchen interiorr

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This specific kitchen comes from Futura, but the simple style it epitomizes is somehow timeless – one could easily imagine this interior space dating back to high modernism or even earlier. Straight lines, flat planes, intersecting solids and implied voids – it is simply a nice, elegant and easy-on-the-eyes example of how elemental modern design can be.