In the midst of a wooded golf course in Sayo District, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, this gorgeous contemporary home offers plenty of family gathering space and breathtaking views. It was designed for an elderly couple by Den-Nen Architecture. 4 7

The home’s lot is slanted, with the top point lying six meters above the level of the road. Thus, the floorplan is divided into two wings which progressively climb the slant.

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A simple concrete facade faces the road; after walking through the wooden gate visitors are greeted by a small garden and a walkway to the home’s foyer. A series of small staircases lead up and through the elongated structure of the home, connecting each room and each segment of the structure.

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On the way through the house, huge windows offer expansive views of the surrounding landscape. The home’s interior spaces were designed to host the residents’ family gatherings. Wide open rooms plus the bountiful natural light give the home a light and airy feeling. This feeling is enhanced by the “floating” nature of each connected, ascending chamber.

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At the very back of the property, a large terrace is the perfect place for outdoor family gatherings. Surrounded by the lush natural greenery of the golf course, it is a peaceful getaway for the residents where they can enjoy their one-of-a-kind tiered home.