Concrete wallpaper refined

There is a new option for resurfacing your interiors, a growing range of … fake concrete? Whether ‘concrete wallpaper’ becomes cool or kitsch, only time (and perhaps copious graffiti) will tell.

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Concrete wallpaper main

To be fair, it looks fairly neat in pictures – weathered walls with telltale spaced-and-capped steel rod holes aligned at regular intervals, or faux-block sets that look to be covered in color by subversive street artists.

In fact, as a customizable option, the Concrete Wall-paper company might want to consider marketing these as blank slates rather than finished products – surfaces you can put up and then draw on.

Concrete wallpaper no 47

“All our wall coverings are based on real concrete and brick walls and is always true to its original scale. The walls we use have either existed or can still be found out there, they all have their own story to tell and respect that walls have no repetitions and only unique details!”

It would be overly simple to say that these come in a ‘variety of colors’ – more accurate might be: they are available in a series of shades, ranging from light to dark gray, and with different kinds of seams and rain-stained patterns.

Concrete wallpaper Stavanger

In fact, the company explains where the source image for each concrete wallpaper design comes from. One is from Stavanger, Norway, for instance, “part of the city called Paradise, an area that got its appealing name as early as 1686.”

Concrete no 46 wallpaper

A particularly textural one, no. 46, is “from Dora 2, one of two German submarine bunkers from WWII. The construction of Dora 1 ended in 1943 while Dora 2 was never completed. “

Concrete wallpaper no 31

Some look more like patio floors while other resemble non-decorative industrial countertops. As a stage prop these would make a great overlay, but whether you want them bubbling and peeling at home might be another question, depending on your taste and perhaps the durability of each individual wallpaper product.