concrete dishes and plates

Angular geometric forms seem well-suited to the material being used in this curious collection of dining surfaces, reflecting the hard-edged way in which concrete is generally shaped.

But for VIDÓ NÓRI it is not just about the look – these objects are made to be highly durable and easily washable as well.

modern concrete dishes

And if they break, well, concrete tends to shatter less easily, and create less dangerous shards than glass or ceramic – of course, it may also do more damage if you have hardwood floors.

modern concrete bowl
modern concrete plate

Small imperfects are also true to the aggregate-and-cement nature of the project, and give the series character, as well as contrast with respect to the warmer colors of foods to be put in and on the pieces.

More info about designer Vido Nori:

“I’m an architect by profession. My dream is to design houses complete with everything, including custom furniture and even tableware. I got this idea from Bauhaus, which has always been my greatest inspiration. This vision got me into furniture design, but it became a project in its own right. “

modern concrete dish set
rugged sculptural dishes

“When I’m not working, I like to create stuff in my kitchen. My favorite things are sunroots, the smell of freshly baked bread, and my home-made limoncello, but for some reason I never liked spoons. Other than that, I love doing somersaults in the sea so much that it always makes my ears hurt, I organize my books on the shelves by period and continent, and I prefer reading cookbooks and polite literature under the red blanket I’ve inherited from my grandfather. I can fall asleep even in the craziest situations, and I have an urge to push all the buttons.”