Paola Lenti modern outdoor furniture

Concrete is a typical patio finish that most associate with being cheap and easy – something that results in a hard-and-fast surface that has little character to it. They key, though, is context and contrast. Set the right outdoor furniture in an otherwise cold-and-simple outdoor space and you can make it seem comfortable or even exotic.

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Paola Lenti outdoor furniture concrete patio island modular

Trendir has singled out some outdoor furniture sets from Paola Lenti that are “soft and welcoming, instantly transforming the cold, hard environment into an oasis of relaxation.” The cushions bring a plush contrast to the gray concrete but the cool colors compliment the stoney surfaces as well. We love the minimalist frame shapes and the way they create interesting silhouettes close to the ground.

Paola Lenti outdoor furniture frame sofa
Paola Lenti modenr outdoor furniture sofas

Sure, your backdrop might not be quite as exotic as this architecture but all the same there are some fairly easy ways to take your interior design strategies outside and make use of what might otherwise be neglected spaces due to their overtly less comfortable surfaces and materials.

These lush Italian courtyards dripping with ivy aren’t exactly the kind of cold concrete patios many people are trying so hard to spruce up, but they’re a good example of how the right lush materials and saturated colors can transform the vibe of the space.

Paola Lenti concrete patio furniture stone

About Paola Lenti Outdoor Furniture

“For Paola Lenti the rug has always been a furnishing accessory that helps to define the space and adds style and character to the rooms. In the indoor rugs the protagonist is felt, a natural material with great technical qualities to which wool tails can be superimposed, whose combination generates new and original patterns and colour shades.”

“For exteriors, water-repellent materials, loomed or woven, create carpets and mats that evoke natural landscapes. In products such as the headboard of the Silent bed, or the indoor and outdoor seats of the Home and Aqua collections and the Plump mattresses, interwoven materials are used in Chain and Chain Outdoor, with which the art of weaving is proposed in a contemporary and technical way.”