Sustainable architecture is all about doing something positive for the planet while still creating a useful and aesthetically pleasing structure. The Orchid House in Buenos Aires uses concepts of sustainability to provide a unique home for a young, energetic family.

The homeowner’s hobby of growing orchids led to the home’s unusual shape. Andres Remy Architects used elements of the home to represent the blossom, stem and roots of the flower.

Green architecture techniques such as efficient energy and water usage, generous use of natural lighting and ventilation, and low-impact materials all contributed to a sustainable and completely livable abode.

The home’s windows were all carefully placed to take full advantage of the sun in all seasons. In the winter especially, the large glazed windows provide a natural boost to the home’s heating system.¬†Along the first floor, the large windows can be opened to provide natural ventilation.

This elegant concrete flower provides residents with a visual and tangible connection to the earth through a variety of eco-friendly materials, building techniques and features.