This ethereal concrete home in La Jolla, California is a series of contradictory and opposing elements that come together to create a harmonious and zen-like retreat. It is made of heavy, cast-in-place concrete and contains vast floor-to-ceiling windows that open the home up to the world around it.

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The Cresta Concrete Home appears to float

The Cresta from Jonathan Segal Architects balances the heaviness of concrete, the airiness of glass and open space, and the fluid serenity of water.

The Cresta Concrete Home outdoor living

Operable glass on the ground floor creates an outdoor room. Given the relatively small size of the interior part of the room, this feature adds a significant amount of living space.

The Cresta Concrete Home patio
The Cresta Concrete Home dining

The home is surrounded on two sides by a reflecting/swimming pool which makes the home appear to float on the water. The pool also provides the home with passive cooling to lower energy consumption.

The Cresta Concrete Home ocean view
The Cresta Concrete Home glass wall

Even the home’s concrete exterior serves a second purpose: its thermal mass gives the homeowners another way to keep their energy costs low. Additionally, a 6.5kw soar array on the roof supplies almost all of the energy the home needs, making this home not only beautiful but beautifully eco-friendly as well.

The Cresta Concrete Home skylight

More from the architects

“Beginning as solid form the final product still maintains that form instead through roof planes and vertical walls that create both interior and exterior volumes.  Due to the unordinary small property in an area with typical properties three to four times the size every square foot was important. The exterior room was a key element in  creating a home that otherwise would have felt small feel larger and more private that it is. While this space creates a void the buildings overall form is kept intact.  All four corners remain with walls and roof planes to define the original box of the residence.”

The Cresta Concrete Home reflections
The Cresta Concrete Home aerial

“Adjacent to the front of the structure a reflecting and swimming pool has been integrated into the overall design of the project for thermal cooling and create the perception of floating. Due to the large expanses of operable glass, the thermal mass of the concrete, sun shading and the insulating effect of the pool the 6.5kw solar array on the roof accomplishes supplying nearly 100% of the homes required power.”