Kanera organic bathroom sink design

There is something magical about the ways in which water can flow across various forms and surfaces. That path of water is often lost in a conventional sink design but found again here in these KANERA sink designs by GRAFT architects.

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Kanera sinks by GRAFT

Though they come in various shapes and types, with one faucet or two – connected or separate – the common thread between these brilliant basins is the complexity of the curves that make them up.

Kanera sink basin

Depending on the volume and intensity of water flow, the surfaces of these smooth vessels create a variety of paths (and consequently forms) using only this simple liquid element moving through them – they make a kind of everyday art of flowing water rarely found outside of nature.

GRAFT was commissioned by KANERA, a brand that belongs to CKM, to develop a washbasin – in the traditional way, by embossing and enamelling a sheet of metal. In this design, GRAFT tested the possibilities of the material and created a topographical piece that is not just a piece of furniture, but a free-standing unit.

Kanera freestanding double sink

“Ever since the late 19th century – in other words ever since private bathrooms have existed – washbasins have tended to be wall-mounted or positioned next to a wall,” say the designers. “Now the washbasin can be moved to the center of the bathroom. In this respect, the KANERA 1D double washbasin presents a revolutionary spatial concept: for the first time, a double washbasin has been designed as a standalone installation within the bathroom. It not only offers the shared experience of the poetry of water, but also enables completely new room layouts.”

“It makes an inspiring statement, and in doing so sets the stage for architects and designers to develop new bathroom interiors that reflect their clients’ wishes, freeing up the position of bathtub, shower, washstand solutions and furniture modules and making it possible to orchestrate the experience of water as an element. The 1.6×1.2m KANERA 1 D is compatible with a wide range of base furniture units, and the range of options for the configuration of the washbasin, materials and functions is almost limitless.”